GPWM has a tie-up with Punjab National Bank located at Morni for providing all banking facilities on priority basis to Students and Staff members.


Govt. polytechnic for Women has the facility of a spacious and clean canteen that caters to the taste of all students. Canteen can conveniently accommodate 80 students at a time, functioning in the campus. The canteen is provided with modern furniture and electrical automatic cooking and storage facilities, which provides hot lunch, snacks and beverages both to the students and staff at reasonable rates. The canteen remains open on all working days. Beverages of different flavors are served on different days according to different seasons.

It is a place where students unwind and relax with friends to enjoy good quality, delicious and healthy food at nominal rates. It is definitely a treat for all students. The college canteen is a place where students congregate to not only eat but exchange views.

Conference Hall

The central issue for the conference in progress is finding and examining good practices for integrating environmental considerations in the decision making processes, holding meetings and conferences. GPW is also provided with a state of the art conference hall for carrying out conferences and meetings. The fully air conditioned conference hall has a capacity of about 15 to 20 people & under construction for 50 people. Its quiet and peaceful ambiance is the ideal place for members to talk with other members and share everything from teaching methods, to current hot topics in the industry to requirements and expectations of corporate world from our Institute and what not. The conference hall helps in providing a suitable place for conferences, seminars, meetings, lectures and audio / visual ­ presentations.


Library is the brain of any educational institution of higher learning. It is the hub around which all the academic activities of the institution revolve. The library of Govt. Polytechnic for Women is computerized alib2nd is stocked with thousands of books. The intake of books is a regular feature in the library and no important title related to the courses of study is missed. In addition to the course books general books for personality development, general knowledge, handbooks, yearbooks, reference books etc. are also added to the collections. The library subscribes to national and international subject journals, magazines of current interest along with national and regional dailies to keep the students abreast with the day to day happenings in the world and their fields of study. The library is tastefully furnished and it can seat 50 studen ts at a time in its spacious reading halls. The serene atmosphere in the library with rows of neatly stacked books plays a major role in attracting the students to the library for serious study and supplementing their class notes. Apart from books it has a huge collection of Audio video material, CD’s & DVD’s. The library maintains a separate “Book Bank” collection exclusively for the meritorious students.

Medical Facilities

In order to provide round the clock medical faculties to the students and staff and also to attend to unforeseen medical emergencies. GPWM possesses a dispensary in its campus under the supervision of well qualified and experienced doctor. The other salient features in this regard are:-

  1. Free basic medicines to Students & Staff from the college dispensary.
  2. GPWM has a tie up with Primary Health Center, Morni and through them with surrounding hospitals including General Hospitals etc. for providing of  consultancy / medical care.
  3. To deal with emergency cases, college transport is available for treatment at surrounding hospitals, even during night hours.


The institute provides adequate infrastructural support for all such student-activities which would provide them with physical fitness & personality development and cultivate in them sportsman spirit, team spirit, leadership and talent. There are in-campus activities like badminton, skating rink, volleyball, track field, athletics and indoor games.

Wide participation of students is encouraged. Students are also encouraged to participate in inter-colleges, open, invitation and other external tournaments, sports meet, cultural and other competitions. Many other facilities are being planned.

The institute has girls volleyball team which secured 3rd position in Haryana State Inter Polytechnic volleyball Tournament in the year 2009-10.

The institute volleyball team which represented Morni Block in the Panchkula Distinct inter block Panchaytiraj tournament has secured 2nd position.


GPWM possesses newly purchased bus to ferry its students from Morni & Raipurrani to its campus.
Bus fee is charged Semester wise but for the full year.


Institution has a 2 MBPS speed dedicated internet connectivity and is accessible for 24 hours. Institute also has Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus. This connectivity is established through high throughput switches with complete redundancy ensuring that the network is live at all instances. Nearly every contemporary software and developing platforms is made available here to the students so that they can learn them, use them and move shoulder to shoulder with the fast paced world of information technology at the same momentum.